Enterprise Knowledge at Machine Scale

A first of its kind Perpetual Learning System that extracts information from any text-based content to
create a digital knowledge-base for use in advanced analytics applications

Pre-trained model for the banking & insurance industry

1 billion


200 million


40 million


5 million



Multi-layered deep learning

Natural Language Understanding

Our algorithms achieve what conventional NLP has failed to, that is, the understanding of business concepts in much the way a subject matter expert understands them.

Knowledge Representation

Providing rich context for AI: information assets are converted into an ontology and processed thru a reasoner to derive latent knowledge.

Machine Learning

Leveraging both linguistic and semantic techniques allows for course correction within the machine to deliver unmatched accuracy.

Deep Learning

A hierarchical knowledge model is created using deep learning to solve classification & aggregation use-cases.

Advanced Analytics for Banking & Insurance

Process Automation (PA)

Our approach breaks the constraints of rule-based and range-bound systems. PA allows for self discovery of rules directly from created business knowledge base which provides our clients with scale and speed to execution.

Document Analytics (DA)

For any given project, there exists a massive volume of text-based content that must be read. DA enables the assimilation of contextually relevant information from multiple sources, reducing document-browsing time and allowing more time for strategic planning in regulation analysis, contract covenant management and financial research analysis.

Knowledge Discovery (KD)

Critical business information is often resident in the form of natural text. KD extracts information from this text and transforms it into an institutional knowledge base. This knowledge base feeds downstream advance analytics applications.

Industry leading solutions for the enterprise in risk, finance and regulatory compliance

Using advanced cognition, we connect your unstructured data with traditional structured data
to solve complex challenges within CRO, CCO, CFO and CDO groups

Regulation Analytics

Impact analysis, GAP analysis, Audit review, Evidence management, Dashboards



Term discovery, Context discovery, Relationship discovery, Lineage discovery, Classification

Glossary creation, Data definitions, Metadata clean-up

Anomaly Detection

Hidden relationships, information miss-match, lower false positives

Trade Based Money Laundering

Social Listening

Track sentiments, Contexts, Classification, Root cause analysis

Competition trending,Voice of customer

CIO Review- April 2018

20 Most Promising Cognitive Solution Providers 2018


Metadata and entity classification.

Metadata and entity classification.

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text analytics

Beyond text analytics: The Parabole way

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