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What we offer


long text classifiers & context models for your AI

 How it works


First, our machine builds the corpora & training data

Second, texts are annotated using learnt models

Custom entity extraction features are ready for use


Key Phrases

  • Discovers domain-specific phrases present in documents including n-grams.
  • Classifies Phrases as Business Terms, Data Elements, Reports, Systems, Policies based on their contextual usage.
  • Organizes phrase-context mapping and discovers latent relationships.

Context Models

  • Discovers Topics/ Themes which are representative of the broader content.

  • Discovers Contexts and associated connections inclusive of similarly expressed contents.

Custom Named Entities (NER)

  • Custom classification scheme allows discovery of key-entity types such as Risk Metrics, Type of Entity, Product Type, Regulation, etc.
  • Our un-supervised learning system allows business users to build use case specific entity extraction models which go
    beyond rule-based RegEx and Core NLP based classification schemes.

Content Similarity

  • Discovers Contexts/Topics/Themes which are representative of the broader content within a document.


  • Establishes linkage among paragraphs of different documents with similar meaning.

What can the Parabole platform do for you

Custom entity classification schemes enable analysis of unstructured data in your domain


Cognitive Search

Enables users to contextually search textual content and/or documents most relevant to their needs.

News Analysis

Discovers risk signals or investment themes present in public news relating to a borrower or a company.


Document Analysis

Machine-assisted comprehension enables readers to contextually analyze a document without the need for manual reading.

Metadata Discovery

Reads textual descriptions to discover the relationship between business terms and technical metadata


Document Comparison

Contextually compare a paragraph within a document to paragraphs that are semantically similar in other documents.

Knowledge Graph

Texts from domain documents are converted into an ontology and processed thru a reasoner to extract knowledge models.

Products designed to analyze unstructured content in your domain

Document analytics


  • Parabole offers you a suite of document analytics solutions to assist SME’s by reducing the time they spend searching, reading, and researching.
  • Domain coverage includes financial risk, non-financial risk, cybersecurity risk, regulations, financial research, related contents.


Cognitive Search


  • Search contextually relevant information from your data repositories-documents, emails or any other alternate data in textual form.

  • Custom labelling and indexing features enable faster search & mapping capabilities.

Partner Solutions build on Parabole Platform

Coverage across risk, finance, regulatory compliance & consumer marketing

Enterprise Risk Management

Credit risk scorecard

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Enterprise Risk Management

Model risk management

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CX Management

Voice of customer, NPS, CSAT

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Chatbot Analytics

faq automation

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