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Power your CX programs and perfect your customer engagement strategy

Understanding Customer Interactions at Scale

Voice of Customer

Customer sentiment is easy. Finding out root cause is critical:

  • Measure NPS and CSAT scores in real-time from customer-generated content.
  • Discover trending topics and themes expressed by your customers  via any source.
  • Identify high-impact areas that effect NPS.

Competitor Intelligence

Monitor trends and competitor activities

  • Track share of voice among competing brands.
  • Track how the competition is performing against the same set of KPI’s.
  • Discover what’s not working for your competition and generate ideas for product/service enhancement.

Audience Analytics

Discover Personas from your Customer’s digital imprints:

  • Discover customer interests, preferences and affiliations
  • Identify the Promoters,” “Detractors” and “Influencers” amongst your customers.

  • Build “Lookalikes” for customer acquisition, and reduce churn by speedily identifying detractors.

Aggregation, Classification & Analysis on one platform

Data Aggregation

Pool data from SM and CRM sources in real-time or at scheduled time’(s)


Training API's

Custom training API's to build ML models for your use cases or business domain

Analysis API's

Custom entity and context modelling features enable you to analyze conversations across channels

Reporting API's

Build role-specific dashboards and visualization based on the project needs

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