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At Parabole, we believe enterprise knowledge should be centrally and digitally available to all stakeholders in an organisation-for everything from powering business intelligence to data analytics to building the next-gen intelligent applications in banking and financial services. That's why the team here at Parabole is building a smart machine that can read and analyze any unstructured content and transform them into actionable insights and are looking for those who want to join us in this journey.

Computer Programmer: Finance Domain Ontologists

Engineering I Princeton I NJ I Full Time

Finance and Risk Division I Princeton I NJ I Full Time We’re looking for Domain Ontologists with a unique area of expertise in Finance and Risk concepts and exposure to AI tools NLP, Topic Modelling, LDA and LCA clustering techniques that can be applied to improving the performance and capabilities of our knowledge automation engine..


The position holder will design and develop applications that will provide the client with a better understanding of the parameters being changed under upcoming regulatory requirements for banking industry under BASEL, CECL, FASB and IFRS regulations. In order to do this task, position holder has to design and write optimized algorithms to convert a large amount of unstructured data into structured data, which in turn helps the machine to understand finance and regulatory concepts such as BASEL, FASB and IFRS. Position holder would accomplish this task by writing a code in Java using tools like IntelliJ to create a triple database or RDF ontology and use techniques like Apache Jena, OWL API, that would convert data from documents into structured data which can be easily understood and helps clients to perform regulatory impact analysis for the banks.

Preferred Skills:

  • Knowledge of Java, Python, C++
  • R/Matlab and Python
  • Good knowledge of Linear algebra, random process, statistical analysis

To apply, please submit:

  • Resume / LinkedIn / homepage
  • A short self-introduction (Skills and area of interest)
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