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Parabole’s TRAIN is an un-supervised data labelling and model development platform that enables users to train their AI models to power downstream AI applications.

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Build corpus, training data and knowledge models at scale

Data Preparation 

TRAIN builds its corpus based on user-defined heuristics by automatically pooling for representative data within the enterprise and from internet sources.

Data Labelling

TRAIN enables users to label large volumes of textual content using semantic and language modelling techniques. Un-supervised long-text annotation, based on deep learning, tags textual content at document, paragraph and sentence levels.

Model Development

Using the Parabole’s Automated Ontology tool businesses can digitize their enterprise documents into a knowledge graph without the need to manually script ontologies. Parabole’s learning pipeline provides for validation by the subject matter experts who work with your text and our training models to provide feedback.

Context Modelling

Parabole’s Context Models enable you to build an unsupervised AI model to classify text according to classes you define. The platform continuously learns from user feedback to improve the accuracy of its output.

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